Thursday, August 28, 2014

Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Episode 7B: Attack of the Beta Heroes!

Thanks for coming back for a second round of podcast this week! 

Episode 7B: Attack of the Beta Heroes!

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Show Notes
In the second half of this episode, we answer a listener question posed to Stephanie and her stubborn… anti-biases? Then we spend the rest of the time squeeing over Beta heroes, who they are, why we love them, and then debate some questionable ones. At the end, as promised, we post a question which could put you in the running for an assortment of K-treasures. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

KCon 2014 Concert Special: VIXX

I didn't come into KCON a fan of VIXX, actually, I came into KCON knowing there was a VIXX, but not actually having heard any music of theirs at all--ever. 

Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Episode 7A: Attack of the Beta Heroes!

Hey Everyone! I put a little disclaimer on top of our disclaimer in the episode, but Cherry and I ran long — real long. So what we decided to do was split the episode up into two parts, one that will come out today and another which will become live tomorrow. Two times the amount of podcast for the price of one! And that one is free! So really, this is probably the best deal on the internet. 

On top of all that? We’re super excited to be doing our first giveaway! So make sure to listen to find out how you can win a bag full of K-stuff!

Episode 7A: Attack of the Beta Heroes!

Find it Here

Show Notes
In this half of the episode, we talk about the lengths Cherry will go for her B1A4 addiction, Kpop crafting, what we’re watching (and this time Stephanie actually has things to contribute), new additions to the blog, the ice bucket challenge which is taking the Korean idol world by storm, and dirty, dirty Junsu. 

A Letter

Dear C-Bag Behind Me In Line, 

If you are unfamiliar with term C-Bag, don’t worry, it is a completely made up term by me and my friends, just rest assured, it is a derogatory term for people like you. 

I understand you were upset that you did not get into tonight's Free Korean Movie Night viewing of what is currently the hottest Korean movie in all the land, Roaring Waters. As you no doubt noticed, as I am right in front of you, I did not get in either.  

I know. It’s a bummer. 

However, as it is the hottest movie right now, you had to expect the line for this was going to be quite long, and, as it is a small theater, with very limited seating, there was going to be a big chance that you were not going to get in. I mean, it’s a free ticket to a blockbuster movie.

 So, your not getting in is not a big conspiracy against you perpetrated by the Korean Cultural Service. This was not, as you put it, some way for them to trick you. Why, I ask? Or more so, how? How would hornswoggling you out of a free ticket be of any benefit to them at all? Never, in all the times that I have been to a Korean movie event put on by them have they ever asked for us to sign up for anything, asked for money in anyway, or even asked us to be on any sort of mailing list. No, they do this out of the kindness of their hearts in order to spread the word on Korean entertainment, and more importantly, Korean culture in general. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

KCon 2014 Concert Special: Jung Joon Young

Another band--or singer--I didn't really know much about before headed into Kcon. I'd breezed past a few of his songs and had affectionately dubbed him "the rocker kid". Which pretty much sums him up--a nice looking young man who isn't so much kpop by the way that CNblue isn't that Kpop. He plays the guitar while belting out a lightly harder sound. 

Heal Fast Woobie!

Poor Woo Bin! 

Woo Bin is the latest in the line of actors to be injured on set. Apparently during the filming of his latest movie (another one? Come on, Woo Bin, come back to TV already!) the Khottie actor injured his knee requiring an immediate transport to the hospital where an MRI showed that he'd damaged both his ligaments and tendons in his knee. 

Oh noes! 

There is really nothing worse than a knee injury, as they are slow to heal and you can't really just power through it. When T.O.P cut his hand during filming and required surgery, he was easily able to blend the bandage into his character, and it didn't really hinder the action of the movie. Same thing as Gong Hyo Jin when she was in the car accident during preproduction on It's Okay, It's Love. 

I actually know nothing about the movie 20, except that it's due to come out some time next year. According to MyDramalist, this is the synopsis:

Monday, August 25, 2014

Musical Monday: The Jun Bum Sun & The Yangbans Edition

We're back with Musical Monday! And let me tell you, I have an amazing one for you. After weeks of non-stop Kpop posted here on the site, we're going back to a little Kindie. I now subscribe to the music channel (I think they may be a lable) Mirrorball Music, and right before leaving for Kcon, this popped up in my feed, and, on a whim, I clicked on the link. 

And was blown away.